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Concert Title 2

She firmly shook hands with the prince, warmly and gently smiled at him and left. At Gan she looked. But the only thing that managed to utter, mute by the terrible sight of Aglaia. This view was expressed so much suffering and at the same time infinite hatred, he threw up his arms, screamed and rushed to her, but it was too late! She could not bear even a moment of his hesitation, her hands over her face, cried out: "Oh, my God" - and ran out of the room, followed by Rogozhin, to unlock her bolt the door to the street. And yet, it's continued to go still groping. Mutual and friendly Totsky between general and was supposed to avoid any formal and irrevocable step.

Even parents still have not started to talk with her daughters openly; It began as if dissonance: the general's Yepanchin, mother of the family, became somehow dissatisfied, and this was very important. There was one thing which prevented any circumstances, a tricky and troublesome case, because of which the whole thing might be upset forever. Appointed hour was the twelfth, but the prince unexpectedly late. Returning home, he found waiting for him at the general. At first glance, I remarked about "that one is dissatisfied, and, perhaps, by the fact that it was necessary to wait. Apologizing, the prince hastened to sit down, but oddly shy like his guest was porcelain, and he constantly feared his break. He had never shy with the general, and in the mind does not come timid. Soon the prince saw that it was a completely different person than yesterday instead of confusion and distraction were showing some unusual restraint; it was possible to conclude that this man, something reshivshiysya final. Calm, however, it was more outside than it really is. But in any case, the guest was even noble-decouples, albeit with restrained dignity; even initially treated as a prince would be overlooking some indulgence - just as there are sometimes cheeky nobly other proud but unjustly offended people. He spoke softly, though not without some regret in pronunciation.